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  1. Dragon Tattoo and Why an Intermission

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    We’re hearing nothing but love for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO from customers and critics alike, so please do drop in for a screening this week for some (slightly dark) holiday fun and lots of snowy Swedish landscapes that will make you forget for a few hours that we live in Florida.

    Screenings through this week are:

    12:15, 3:30, 7:00 and 10:00PM

    Also getting rave reviews is our intermission slug, a cute tidbit Tim picked up somewhere along the line.  We splice the 35mm film strip right in between reels and I’m proud to say it’s just at the perfect moment to run to the restroom or top off your drink.  People ask if it’s something we’ll do for every film, but we plan to reserve that five minute break for our features that edge past the two hour mark.

    And one nice lady told me today that our preshow alone is worth the admission price!  Here’s the clip that made her Christmas merry and bright (and blue).

  2. Last day for Melancholia!


    Showtimes tonight, Sunday the 18th, are at 7:00 and 9:30.  I can imagine spending the day finishing up holiday shopping, checking in for a film, and then heading out for luminaria in our lovely ‘hood.  Lars, Kirsten and Charlotte put you in just the right festive mood.

    By the way, I learned that Penelope Cruz was originally slated to play Justine, the role that Kirsten Dunst so perfectly plays.  Her performance is one of the highlights of the film for me.  When she’s off the wall, when she’s in the deepest of depressions, when she’s delivering quips that make her sister feel like a total idiot, and especially in her newfound calm during an impending disaster it’s hard to imagine anyone else on the screen.  Her grounded humor when things are over the top is an important part of that movie for me.  What did you think?

  3. “Best Documentary of 2011″

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    That’s what Tim says about DRAGONSLAYER, anyhow.  I am truly jazzed to see this film, which is a portrait of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, an incredibly amusing dude who spends all of his time surreptitiously draining swimming pools and skateboarding in them.  A friend who knows this character told me about a time when Skreech wanted to avoid further injuring his broken hand while skating in a big competition, and had the brilliant idea of holding a Barbie doll in the hand with the cast on it.  It’s funny to imagine this guy skating, falling, and holding up the doll like a trophy.

    You’ll only have one day to catch it, so cancel whatever entirely less fun thing you have going on tomorrow.

    Saturday December 18th

    5:00 PM and 9:30 PM

    $2 PBR tallboys!

  4. Do you hear what I hear?


    Many thanks to those of you have visited to catch a film since our soft opening December 9!  I met folks who have been following this project since its inception back in August as well as the surprising number of people who walked in off the street, knowing nothing about the renovations.  This Christmas I don’t need a present, I’ll just be happy with our flashy marquee.

    We’ve changed a lot about the theatre, but one of the most frequent observations from moviegoers has been how impressed they are by the improvements to the sound.  In its previous incarnation a lack of soundproofing, poor placement of speakers, and other calibration and maintenance issues made the 5 Points Theatre a less than ideal place to watch a film.  Playing a gangster movie featuring machine gun fights alternating with whispered conversation required employees to monitor the projection booth, turning the sound up and down as needed to avoid blowing out eardrums or impossible to decipher dialogue.  Snapping my fingers in the empty auditorium sounded practically booming.

    Tim’s description of hanging acoustic foam in the balcony was fun.  He used a spray adhesive to hang the panels and was skeptical that the treatment would make the difference we wanted it to.  As he hung them, though, he said that he knew it was making an impact as the sound of the bead shaking in the aerosol can would get softer and softer as he hung up each piece.

    I feel like Melancholia is the perfect film to showcase these upgrades.  The sound of the impending apocalypse with the sweeping Wagner prelude is pretty moving… though I might be still swept up in the whole “opening-our-own-theatre” thing.

    It also is such an awfully nice movie to look at.  If you’ve seen the film on your computer while eagerly awaiting our opening do yourself a favor and check it out on our new screen.  It is a totally different experience, and I promise it won’t disappoint.

    Melancholia will continue through Sunday the 18th, then we take a day off (the last for a long time to come) to celebrate with some special supporters and prepare for the opening THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO on Tuesday, 12/20 with screenings at 7PM and 10PM.  Showtimes every day of the week thereafter will be at 12:15, 3:30, 7:00 and 10:00.

    Come experience Melancholia before it closes, and until then swing by and take a picture with our very first standee!!!

  5. Soft Opening and Thoughts on Imaginary Insect-Human Hybrids

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    First, thanks to Matt Soergel and Kelly Jordan for some super coverage in the Florida Times-Union this Monday.  I hope this article brings the theatre to the attention of folks outside of our fair neighborhood, in addition to giving some more exciting information to our loyal followers.

    I spontaneously started clapping when Tim got the first image on the screen.  What were we watching?  The trailer for Legally Blonde II.  Cinema at its finest, no?

    We will open with a very light schedule for the next week or so as final tweaks are made to the theatre before our grand opening week beginning December 20th with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

    From 12/9 through 12/14 our schedule will be:



    Neither film is exactly a heartwarmer, but it’s kind of fun to open with such dark movies when I’m feeling so positive about what’s going on at the theatre.  A recent comment from a 5 Points fan about Human Centipede really got me thinking, though.  In the spirit of  the Full Sequence, here’s some Full Disclosure:  I didn’t get past 15 minutes of the first Human Centipede.  This film is a hit with folks who love horror films, but I am not one of them, and I hope that’s OK.  I’m also not much of a rom-com lover, or especially into samurai films, but that doesn’t mean the theatre won’t play those films.

    The thing that the commenter said that stuck in my craw was that just knowing about the film was like accidentally seeing your parents have sex.  That’s just not a fair comparison.  No one is going to accidentally see this movie.  And all of our parents?  They DID have sex.  The premise of HCII?  Fictional, didn’t happen. It’s not as though we’re going to focus on playing films with outlandish scenarios, though I understand that argument may fall flat considering the apocalyptic nuptials theme of MELANCHOLIA.

    Anyway, watch it or don’t.  Be grossed out or not.  But the fact of the matter is, this isn’t a snuff film or a kiddie porn it’s just a fairly ludicrous horror movie that hasn’t played in town yet.

    Some less controversial highlights:

    Will Green cutting the last leg for our new tables

    And a few selections from our popcorn fixins bar!!!