Conversation With The candidates

When the Jacksonville Public Library was ready to liquidate its film collection Sun-Ray Cinema founder Tim Massett was ready to take it. But this was back in 1999, long before the birth of Ye Olde Sun-Ray. At that point he was living in Austin, Texas and had built relationships with libraries across the country faced […]

And on the 1100th Day, Sun-Ray Rested

We’ve noticed that phone has been ringing a bit more than usual here at the Sun-Ray box office. One of the questions we get frequently is “Will you be open on….” In terms of being open on holidays (or Sundays or Mondays or whatever) we feel that movie theatres are held by the public to […]

The Great Flood

We’ve been looking forward to this next one ’round the old Sun-Ray for some time now. It’s definitely on my personal drop-everything-to-sit-down-and-watch list (I wish that list was longer but popcorn scooping and chit chat so often beckon) and I especially look forward to watching it with an audience. I hope it’s a big one. […]

What would Ingrid eat?

A few weeks ago Tim, Thomas Tooke (Sun-Ray kitchen elf and culinary explorer extraordinaire) and I watched CASABLANCA, our Valentine’s Day pick, seeking inspiration for a three course menu. This kind of research is among my favorite of my responsibilities at Sun-Ray and previous food-and-film pairings have provided plenty of food for thought: THE GODFATHER, […]

Pleasing to All

Since the conversion to digital cinema’s impact on movie exhibition started getting mainstream media attention — NY Times reports “James Cameron says every movie should be in 3d” or CNN tells me “Purists insist digital cinema will never match 35mm” or of course your local paper has a headline that announces “Conversion to digital makes […]

Film 101 with Richard Hell

    Here is the low down on our upcoming visit/lecture from Richard Hell where he will be presenting  Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 and Orson Welles’ The Lady From Shanghai from guest “blogger” Brittany Gravely. According to experts like Malcolm MacLaren, Richard Hell was a virtual  prototype for key signatures of the ethos we call […]

Merchy Makeover!

I LOVE SUMMER!  It means spending afternoons at the theatre with Tim making big batches of Crystal Meth Blue Ice Rock Candy for our screening of the new season of Breaking Bad at 9PM this Suuuuuuuunday August 11, and so on for the last eight episodes.  How excited am I?  Pictures of the stash to come; […]

Julianne Besant-Kenney versus Alex Cox!

A Touchy Subject

Here is our objective:  Make going to the movies fun again. We focus all of our energy and attention on selecting films that we hope people will want to see, providing the best concession stand options in the area, and running a top notch movie theatre.  Sometimes it takes a while for someone to figure […]

Much Ado About Pizza

All week I’ve restrained from making goofy jokes to alleviate my nervousness that Jacksonville wouldn’t respond to a black and white Shakespeare film directed by a man best known for Sci-Fi Soap Opera mashup television shows. You know, “This film had better turn out to be Much Ado About Something,” et cetera. But here we […]

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