What is this place?

It’s not that I don’t understand why people walk in the door of our business and ask, “What is this place?”  Since the first multiplexes opened around 40 years ago little neighborhood theatres like the one we operate our business in have, one at a time, gone the way of the shoeshine and closed as […]

Busting at the Seams

Tis the season for more movies than we can fit on two screens.  Sometimes it seems like feast or famine when it comes to new releases — several weeks in a row with nothing in particular and then a burst of great titles we’re trying to fit on a limited schedule. Our audiences are loving SWISS […]

Wiener-Dog with Todd Solondz

  “Jacksonville is the coolest place in the U.S.!” — Todd Solondz, Director:  WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, WIENER-DOG We’ve had the privilege of hosting a number of talented filmmakers, actors, and musicians here at Sun-Ray Cinema, but only one of our guests has ever been recognized and greeted by a friendly Jacksonville resident before even stepping […]

The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead

Review by Sammy thrashLife “When you hear the applause, it brings you off the floor – to the average level that most people are at.” Raymond Burns, better known as Captain Sensible, guitarist for The Damned has low self-esteem. The same could likely be said of all four original members of the British punk band […]

Cash Is King

The way small businesses choose to handle credit card sales is something Tim and I can’t help but observe. There are the cash registers with little signs that list a minimum purchase price for credit card use, and then the growing number of shops – especially in bigger cities – that are cash only.   There […]

ROOM’S Lenny Abrahamson and Emily Donoghue

While ROOM should have hit the Jacksonville area by now the distributor has wisely taken this film out to the smaller markets super slow. We plan on having this terrific film starring Brie Larson, William H. Macy and Joan Allen (Yay!) on Dec 11th. I hope you take a moment to listen to this wonderful […]

Sun-Ray featured in Florida State Homes

New article was just posted about Sun-Ray on Florida State Homes

Conversation With The candidates

When the Jacksonville Public Library was ready to liquidate its film collection Sun-Ray Cinema founder Tim Massett was ready to take it. But this was back in 1999, long before the birth of Ye Olde Sun-Ray. At that point he was living in Austin, Texas and had built relationships with libraries across the country faced […]

And on the 1100th Day, Sun-Ray Rested

We’ve noticed that phone has been ringing a bit more than usual here at the Sun-Ray box office. One of the questions we get frequently is “Will you be open on….” In terms of being open on holidays (or Sundays or Mondays or whatever) we feel that movie theatres are held by the public to […]

The Great Flood

We’ve been looking forward to this next one ’round the old Sun-Ray for some time now. It’s definitely on my personal drop-everything-to-sit-down-and-watch list (I wish that list was longer but popcorn scooping and chit chat so often beckon) and I especially look forward to watching it with an audience. I hope it’s a big one. […]

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