Many thanks to those of you have visited to catch a film since our soft opening December 9!  I met folks who have been following this project since its inception back in August as well as the surprising number of people who walked in off the street, knowing nothing about the renovations.  This Christmas I don’t need a present, I’ll just be happy with our flashy marquee.

We’ve changed a lot about the theatre, but one of the most frequent observations from moviegoers has been how impressed they are by the improvements to the sound.  In its previous incarnation a lack of soundproofing, poor placement of speakers, and other calibration and maintenance issues made the 5 Points Theatre a less than ideal place to watch a film.  Playing a gangster movie featuring machine gun fights alternating with whispered conversation required employees to monitor the projection booth, turning the sound up and down as needed to avoid blowing out eardrums or impossible to decipher dialogue.  Snapping my fingers in the empty auditorium sounded practically booming.

Tim’s description of hanging acoustic foam in the balcony was fun.  He used a spray adhesive to hang the panels and was skeptical that the treatment would make the difference we wanted it to.  As he hung them, though, he said that he knew it was making an impact as the sound of the bead shaking in the aerosol can would get softer and softer as he hung up each piece.

I feel like Melancholia is the perfect film to showcase these upgrades.  The sound of the impending apocalypse with the sweeping Wagner prelude is pretty moving… though I might be still swept up in the whole “opening-our-own-theatre” thing.

It also is such an awfully nice movie to look at.  If you’ve seen the film on your computer while eagerly awaiting our opening do yourself a favor and check it out on our new screen.  It is a totally different experience, and I promise it won’t disappoint.

Melancholia will continue through Sunday the 18th, then we take a day off (the last for a long time to come) to celebrate with some special supporters and prepare for the opening THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO on Tuesday, 12/20 with screenings at 7PM and 10PM.  Showtimes every day of the week thereafter will be at 12:15, 3:30, 7:00 and 10:00.

Come experience Melancholia before it closes, and until then swing by and take a picture with our very first standee!!!

3 Responses to Do you hear what I hear?

  1. nzuckerman says:

    Oof, the sound at the 5 Points Theatre. I had to give up on the place when, at a screening of In the Loop, I missed probably about a third of the dialogue.

    Anyway, I was at the screening of Melancholia on Saturday, and *man*, I wasn’t at all expecting to feel the music rumble the floor and send vibrations through my feet and up my body. And I had no trouble hearing anyone speaking, even the whispered dialogue! Both the sound and the picture were superb; kudos and all that. I look forward to many pleasant movie-going experiences in the future.

  2. S Swan says:

    I love the improvements! The new screen and upgraded sound are wonderful as well as the comfortable updated theater seating with the tables. Thank you for making the new venue available to us, local supporters, as well as neighboring visitors! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Melancholia.

  3. micbk says:

    Melancholia was awesome, and my first chance to see Von Trier on the big screen. The theatre looks great and can’t wait to come back! Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing to bring great films to Jax!