Mar 28, 2019 — Mar 31, 2019

The “Osiris of Drone Metal,” a contemporary experimental composer who shares his sense of playfulness in texture and rhythm with a filmmaker who has been called “the godfather of American avante-garde cinema,” comics who pioneered the art of talking back to a movie, and a video/performance collective who cull their work from the “mountains of dead media that have been abandoned by humanity,” punctuate a schedule densely packed with narratives, documentaries, and revivals at the third annual Sleeping Giant Fest, March 28 – 31 at Sun-Ray Cinema in (the unlikely locale of) Jacksonville, FL.


“When I found out they’d always wanted to riff on La La Land we prayed that they would agree, and they did!” said festival director Tim Massett of Mystery Science Theatre’s Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff.  Performing as The Mads the duo usually sticks to sci-fi and b-movie classics, but for the fest will take on Damien Chazelle’s Academy Award winning and utterly silly romp. It only gets sillier as Everything is Terrible, the psychedelic video and performance cult, performs live with heretofore unseen shlock and puppets.  Other live performances include solo guitar from O)))’s Stephen O’Malley and Battles’ Tyondai Braxton.


Short films take the spotlight with documentary/film essayist Bill Brown on hand presenting a few of his works including his latest, Life on the Mississippi and XCTRY, and Sleeping Giant will also highlight major works by Lithuanian-Ame