One of the finest movies ever made about a Nazi fugitive who develops a serum called ZAAT, uses it to transform himself into a walking catfish, and goes on a rampage in North Florida. ZAAT!, also known as BLOOD WATERS OF DR. Z, is a primeĀ  example of what I call Planet Florida. What passes for logic and reason in the other 49 states is still viewed with suspicion in Florida. – Lars Nilsen

On October 24th at 7:30p.m. we will be presenting The Talkies with Don Barton, Ron Kivett and Paul Galloway. They will be skipping on down memory lane regarding the making of this infamous North Florida film, ZAAT. The Talkies works much like the alternate commentary track on your dvd but LIVE. Tickets are $10 and the beautiful new transfer of ZAAT on Blu-Ray will be available.